Britain Joins the Fight against International Terrorism

In an emergency session of Parliament, the British have decided to join the United States in airstrikes against ISIS. The vote was overwhelmingly in support of the airstrikes, 524-43. This vote is in response to Iraq’s leaders requesting help, but also in part due to the execution of a British citizen by ISIS. In addition to the executed man, the terrorist organization has threatened the lives of other British hostages. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom did warn that joining this international campaign would not be over quickly. He also expressed to the British people that this military action could last years.

In joining the United States in airstrikes against the ISIS, Britain seems to be showing it’s support to combat international terrorism. With the statement that these military actions could take years, Britain is telling the world it’s in for the long hual. Britain was initially hesitant to join the current campaigns in the Middle East, with it’s intent to stop ISIS gaining control and power in the Middle East, until one of their own citizens were executed by the terrorist organization. This means the world should ask, Is Britain really looking out for it’s allies, or only reacting to direct threats?


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