Catalan Independace takes second seat to Scotland

For the last three years, the people of the Catalan region of Spain have taken to the streets in an effort to have a vote for independence from Spain be held on September 11th, which is Catalan National Day. The government of Spain is steadfastly against a vote for Catalan independence, as the Constitution of Spain doesn’t allow for these types of referendums. Spain would also be against such a vote in this region as it generates approximately 1/5th of the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

The Catalan region already is mainly independent from Spain, as it has it’s own Parliament, police force, and control over it’s education and health departments. With such autonomy from the main government of Spain it doesn’t seem like a vote for independence would be something unlikely to happen.

The central government of Spain is doing everything in it’s power to derail the vote, declaring it illegal being it’s most recent attempt. With it’s legality being brought into question by the Prime Minister, the supreme court of Spain would have to take the case and decide if it is truly illegal.

With the government of Spain is doing everything in it’s power to quell a peaceful request for secession from Spain, why is this taking a back seat to Scotland’s attempt to secede from Britain taking the main stage in the news? Why is a government that is refusing to allow it’s people freedom and independence taking the backseat in the international media?


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