Germany is tuition-free

College Tuition is the nightmare of most college students in the United States. Student loans cast a shadow on the average college student, or their parents, that they might feel they could never escape from.

This is quite different from Germany, which now has no tuition for higher education in any region of the country. Tuition-free college might seem like something revolutionary, but Germany didn’t introduce tuition for higher-level education until 2006. And then, even during that short time where students did have to pay, they were paying the United States equivalent of somewhere around $1,300 per year. Students in the United States were paying roughly $30,000 per year during the same time period.

So, if you are looking for a world-class education and are afraid of the debt of student loans, Germany may be the place for you. On average, students pay around 670 euros a month, inclusive of all expenses, which equates to around $830. So if you have saved money for college, you should be golden. But if not, you could survive with a part time job as the minimum wage is 8.50 euros in Germany. This means you need to work only 79 hours a month to survive.



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