North Korea to Face UN Court?

Allegations of human rights violations in North Korea, while always common, have been given quite a bit of media attention this year. And with all of the media attention, the UN is finally doing something about it. Kind of.

A General Assembly committee of the United Nations is supposed to have met on 11/18/14 to discuss a draft resolution about the allegations of human rights violations in North Korea. This sounds like a long overdue vote to send the county’s leaders to the International Criminal Court, but it’s more of a show for the citizens of the world than anything substantial. The General assembly doesn’t have the power to send anyone to stand before the International Criminal Court, only the 15-memeber Security Council has that power. In all reality this draft resolution is nothing more than the General Assembly saying that they feel North Korea should stand trial and asking the Security Council to make it happen.

The problem with this is that China, one of the 5 permenant memebers of the Security council, is a longtime ally to North Korea and has the power to Veto the action.

So will anything really come of this action? It seems unlikely as the world has known of the human rights violations in North Korea for quite a while, and have done nothing much about it.



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